Shorvari asks Teni to spend maximum time with Parth. Read to know why!
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On Dil Se Dil Tak, Teni isn’t realizing about her attraction towards Parth. Teni believes there is some major problem with her and that’s why she is day and night thinking about Parth and nothing else, especially ever since he has gone left for work.


Shorvari is missing Parth equally and to divert her mind goes through an old photo album with their pictures together.






Here, Teni is trying different ways to stop thinking about Parth. She visits the doctor who gives her some tips on overcoming her problem. However nothing works.  After sometime, Shorvari asks Teni to sleep with her during the night as she feels scared sleeping alone, Teni agrees but when she comes in Shorvari’s room she gets even more worried to see Parth’s pictures everywhere. Teni questions Shorvari about so many pictures of Parth all around, to this Shorvari replies saying that she wants their child to look like Parth hence so many pictures.





In fact Shorvari expresses how she wants Teni to be around Parth maximum time once he is back so that the child is just like him. Teni gets a realization suddenly; she believes this is the best solution in fact the only solution, she thinks that the only reason why it’s Parth all over her mind is because she is bearing his child.





All of a sudden Teni is seen at ease and feels happy.


Looks like she hasn’t realized its love!


What next is going to happen on Dil Se Dil Tak?


Tune in Mon-Fri at 10 PM to know!

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