Shocking: Dying Shorvari asks for a promise from Teni.
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Nobody would have thought in the wildest dreams that something like this would happen in the lives of Shorvari, Parth and Teni.




In the last episode the biggest revelation happened when Shorvari revealed Teni that she is going to die and has just one month to live! Teni who had been following Shorvari since long, suspected something not happening right with the latter, and finally discovered this truth after she followed her in the same hospital where she was being treated. Teni went dumbfounded unable to believe whatever Shorvari revealed.




The heart wrenching moment was to see Shorvari break down completely, explaining Teni how difficult it had been for her to keep the fact hidden for so long from everyone that she is in the last stage of ‘Brain Tumor ‘and  no medication or operation would help now. Adding to that she also mentions that the main reason for her bad behavior towards Parth and her was precisely because of this. Both of them cry bitterly, as Teni constantly keeps telling Shorvari that nothing would happen to her and that she will survive, especially because she has to see her child for whom she has been keenly waiting for.




But just a while later Shorvari says something that totally shocks Teni. Shorvari asks for a promise from Teni that after she’s gone she would take care of Parth and their child.




Teni looks stunned listening to this!

What will happen next on ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’? What will be the reaction of the family members after they get to know about Shorvari’s illness, especially Parth?

Tune in Mon-Fri at 10 PM.

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