Shiv’s transfer upsets Anandi # Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap, 11th March-16th March
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Last week after Anandi and Shiv surprise Ganga by bringing Mannu back, Ganga gets highly emotional and thanks them. Jagya asks about what exactly happened and Anandi narrates the whole story. Everybody blesses Anandi and tell Ganga that now she has to study hard to be able to become a nurse.

Anandi is happy to know about Ganga’s decision and reminisces about how even she wanted to be a nurse when Sumitra asks her to start the classes for elderly people. Listening to all this Shiv feels disturbed about upsetting Anandi’s future plans.

In the night, after returning home, Shiv looks quite distracted. Choti Maa tries to talk to him, but he says he is a bit tired because of the journey. Anandi smiles at him thinking that after her confession, Shiv will forget all his tiredness.

Anandi goes to the bedroom, but finds Shiv asleep. She tries to wake him up but he doesn’t get up and Anandi too falls asleep. Suddenly, Shiv wakes up and looks anxious about something.

Next morning, Dadaji, Mahi and Alok pay a surprise visit, singing congratulatory songs. When the women enquire about this celebration, Alok tells them that Shiv has been transferred to Udaipur.

Tearful Anandi tries to cover up her disappointment with a smile, but in a private moment with Shiv, she expresses her grief. Shiv feels extremely guilty and explains his dilemma of not shattering her dreams related to Jaitsar. Anandi asks him if he didn’t have faith in her and leaves.

Next morning, while everyone is having fun while cooking together, Anandi burns her hand and Shiv jumps in to attend to her. While the family starts teasing Shiv for being a romantic, Dadaji asks him if he is not happy with the transfer. Shiv says he is happy but he also wanted to finish few things in Jaitsar before moving out.

Back at Dadisa’s haveli, Ganga tells everyone that she wants to thank god for returning her son and is going to offer something. Dadisa looks at Ganga’s ears and feels sad to know that Ganga was offering the only ornament she had.

Dadisa calls-up to invite Shiv’s family for dinner, when Dadaji receives the phone. During the conversation, as he is about to reveal the news of transfer to Dadisa, Shiv snatches the phone and covers up.

Next morning as Shiv prepares to leave, Anandi keeps his stuff ready. Yet, in order to strike a conversation, Shiv hides some of the things and calls out to Anandi to look for them. After this plan flops, Shiv tears one of the buttons of his shirt and requests Anandi to stitch it for him. As she starts stitching, Shiv apologizes to her but Anandi goes out leaving him sad.

After everybody leaves, the door-bell rings and a kid hands over a card with a rose and asks if she has forgiven? Anandi says no and keeps getting the roses till she gets irritated and says yes. Listening to Anandi’s yes, Shiv surprises Anandi by appearing in front of her and promises never to hide anything again. As Anandi tries to confess her love yet again, the little kid interrupts.

Next day, Shiv and Family reach Dadisa’s haveli for dinner. Ganga serves food to everyone and gets compliment on her culinary skills. Jagya compares the taste of Ganga’s food with Anandi’s. While everybody seems happy, Sumitra looks irritated about the comparison and praises Anandi. Everything goes fine but nobody is able to break the news of Shiv’s transfer to Dadisa.

How will Dadaisa react to this news? Will Sumitra’s attitude towards Ganga change? We shall reveal everything next week!


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