Shivangi runs into the eighth killer on ‘Naagin 2’
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Shivangi has been hell-bent on getting vengeance as she continues to take the lives of the very people who killed her mother in cold blood. Previously on the show, she finally took Avantika’s life and now has vowed to kill Sesha and Yamini. Shishupal burned Avantika to ashes. Rocky entered the magical trunk and sensed danger. A masked person (eighth killer) followed him. Rocky decided to take his family back to Mumbai but Shivangi decided to persuade Rocky to stay back.

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Shivangi was startled by a strange noise coming from the trunk and she opened it. A masked person came out of the trunk and ran towards a room. Shivangi followed the person. She got shocked to see Mansi bua in the room and thought that she is the eighth killer. Shivangi told Nidhi about it. Later when everyone was celebrating Holi, Shivangi shapeshifted into Avantika and greeted everyone. Yamini told Sesha that she is not Avantika, but Rudra’s partner.

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Later, Sesha and Yamini were shocked to find out that the real Avantika is dead. Sesha decided to kill Rudra’s partner and called Yamini. Both of them kept a close eye on the fake Avantika. Rocky saw Avantika and followed her but was shocked when he saw her transform into Shivangi in front of him.

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What will Shivangi do now?


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