Shivangi Finds A Way To Kill Sesha On ‘Naagin 2’
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Previously on the show, Shivangi exacted her revenge on Nidhi but unfortunately lost her sister, Gautami. Sesha asked Yamini to guard the pendant with her life while Rocky made sure all the magical mirrors were placed in the house properly. Rocky saw a naagin (Shivangi) with Avni but he refused to believe that Shivangi is a naagin.

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Yamini asked Sesha to prove Shivangi is a naagin. Shivangi and Sesha then walked by one of the magical mirrors. Yamini was shocked to find out the truth. Shivangi noticed the magical mirror and decided to be more careful. She fooled Rocky and rushed back to the kitchen. Sesha then told Rocky that he hasn’t checked if Shivangi is a naagin yet and they got into an argument. Rocky agreed to do it but Shivangi transferred her powers to an object so she appeared as herself in the mirrors.

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Sesha took it upon herself to defeat Shivangi. She told Yamini that she will become more powerful that night as a boon. She said it was a very tricky test that all naagins had to go through and could even result in death. Shivangi took Rocky’s form to fool Sesha but she eventually found out it was Shivangi. Sesha managed to escape but Shivangi tailed her and reached the temple where Sesha was with the other naag/naagins doing a ritual to impress Lord Shiva. Shivangi tried to stop her but failed as Sesha turned into a powerful Panchmukhi naagin.

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Guruji told Shivangi that there was a way to defeat Sesha but to find out, Shivangi would have to get in touch with Takshika, a powerful and venomous naagin who can turn Sesha into rock. Looking into Takshika’s eyes would turn anyone into a rock so Shivangi would have to behead Takshika and use it to stop Sesha and then destroy the head. Sesha tracked Shivangi using the mirror and followed her.

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Will Shivangi be able to kill Sesha?


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