Shivangi and Ruchika join forces to confront Mahish on ‘Naagin 2’
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In the previous episode, Rani Avantika, Ruchika (Sesha) and Yamini were still searching for the Naagmani and Rocky’s location. They consulted the mystical object to track Mahish who is also looking for the Naagmani. Ruchika desperately wanted to find Rocky and pressed the urgency upon Avantika and Yamini. Shivangi desperately tried to bring back Rocky to life. She seeked the help of Shesh Naag who told her she needed the Naagmani to revive Rocky.


We saw Mahish confronting Rudra (Naag) and the two engaged in a bloody fight. Shivangi came to Rudra’s rescue in time when Mahish was about to set him on fire. Gurudev is killed by Mahish. Mahish got his power back when he found his horn. He then turned both Shivangi and Rudra into normal human beings by using the Naagmani. Rudra and Shivangi try to revive Gurudev but they don’t succeed. Shivangi tracked Mahish to the Durga Temple where she tried to stop him but was powerless. Ruchika and Shivangi crossed paths at the temple and Shivangi revealed to her that Mahish killed Rocky. They both formed an alliance to face Mahish.


Will Shivangi and Ruchika succeed in bringing Rocky back to life? Will Mahish be able to use his powers to cause further chaos?


Catch Naagin 2 tonight at 8pm on Colors to find out

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