Shiv is kidnapped in Kashmir! #Balika Vadhu Weekly Review 6th May to 11th May
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Anandi & Shiv land at Kashmir and are welcomed by Abdul the guide. Even though he talks a lot, he does manage to show them around. Shiv & Anandi go to Pahalgam by road and on the way Abdul keeps on taking, hardly giving the couple any time together. Abdul takes Anandi & Shiv to Dal Lake on a Shikhara. Anandi is mesmerized by the beauty and wishes that they should have got Dadisa with them. Shiv replies that they should have got Daddu, Ma, Bua, Sanchi, Anandi agrees. Only when Shiv mentions that Natu should have come, only then Anandi realizes that Shiv is pulling his leg. 

In the meanwhile, Sanchi takes Jagya and insists on eating golgappas. And when Sanchi chokes on one of the puri’s Jagya being the gentleman that he is helps her out. Sanchi shows Udaipur and even helps Jagya chose gifts for everyone back home although she gets a bit jealous when Jagya picks up a gift for Ganga.   

Sanchi continues to be all nice to Jagya and even served him lunch as she knew that he doesn’t have the habit to serve for himself back in his home. Everyone is surprised to see this side of Sanchi. Suddenly Daddu gets an attack and everyone panics. However, Jagya takes care of the situation and tells everyone to be careful and even admonishes Daddu for having forgotten his medicine. Daddu says that Anandi used to take care of him and keep him medicines and since she is not there, he forgot. Sanchi steps in and says that from now onwards, she will take the responsibility. Everyone thanks Jagya. 

 Abdul takes them to their houseboat where Shiv clicks Anandi’s pictures on a shikhara filled with flowers. At the same time, a person clicks pictures of Shiv from a distance. The houseboat is very beautiful and even has a small idol of Lord Krishna which pleases Anandi very much. While unpacking, Shiv tells Anandi to wear suit which he bought taking favor from chhoti maa. He explains that he likes her in all kinds of clothes, be it lengha choli, sarees or salwar kameez.  

Anandi gets a call from Dadisa & informs her of Gehna’s pregnancy. Anandi is excited over this news and in this happy state she tells Shiv that everyone should always have 2 kids. Shiv romanticizes the situation by telling Anandi to think about their first child first. Anandi comes back wearing the Anarkali dress that Chotti Maa bought for her.  

Abdul takes Shiv & Anandi for lunch & orders many dishes for them. When Adbul opens his lunch box, they have a taste of it and love the food. Food is exchanged between them and Anandi praises the food and asks Abdul to thank his wife on their behalf. They leave from there and some two ladies are staring at them with a very suspicious look from a distance. Some people are dancing and everyone is watching at them. Shiv takes their and Anandi’s photos. Dancers pull Anandi with them, and she dances on song “Bhumro Bhumro” with them.  

Sanchi tries to flirt with and Jagya but when Jagya glares at her, Sanchi laughs and says she was just kidding. Jagya receives a call from Ganga. She informs him that the radio that was gifted by him fell down by mistake from Mannu and now it’s not playing. While Jagys instructs her to fix it, Sanchi feels jealous. She complains how Ganga is dumb but Jagya defends Ganga. Sanchi changes the topic by saying that she will be Jaitsar soon for a friend’s birthday. The whole family comes to say goodbye to Jagya and give him gifts.  

Shiv & Anandi consummate their wedding. The next morning when Anandi wakes up she recalls their sweet moment last night and blushes. 

Bhairon tells Basant that they should put their properties in bank locker. On the side, the ladies are looking at old photos. Ganga sees Jagya’s photo and says, he looks so naughty. Jagya enters and asks, don’t I look naughty now? Everyone is happy to see him back. He gives them gifts that he bought for them. Everyone loves the gifts. He then gives a gift to Ganga who is surprised & touched. Sumitra is really proud that Jagya brought gifts for everyone and that too to everyone’s choices. Jagya then explains how Sanchi helped him. Dadisa is surprised as she always though that Sanchi was a moody girl. Jagya says that this time he saw a different side to her and gets lost in Sanchi’s parting words. When Jagya sees Ganga’s wounds, Dadisa tells him about Ganga’s bravery in saving Gehna from the goons by putting her own life on risk. Jagya is very thankful to Ganga and says who put their lives on risks for others. Ganga replies that she just did what this family taught me. 

Anandi and Shiv continue their sightseeing & are in a balloon. Then they wear typical Kashmiri costumes & get their photos clicked. While skiing in the snow, Anandi falls down. Shiv gets worried and runs to her right away. He’s looking at her leg and Anandi throws snow at him. Shiv throws it back and they are having a snow fight. While having hot coffee in the snow, Anandi thanks Shiv him for helping her in moving on in her life and Shiv also expresses his reason for being in love with her. When Anandi complains of pain in her leg, Shiv leaves to get a painkiller.

Anandi gets worried as Shiv doesn’t return with the painkiller. Abdul goes to look for him but cannot find him. Anandi also goes around asking everybody but is not successful. She thinks about calling Udaipur, but then decides against it as everyone would get worried and come here. They go to the police station and the inspector assures them that he will find him as it’s his duty to make sure all tourists are safe. Anandi is worried that both the families might find out & get worried. When Jagya’s family decides to call Anandi, she doesn’t pick up afraid that they might find out truth from her voice. Anandi joins the inspector to look for Shiv.

Dadisa is worried that Anandi didn’t take her call and insists Bhairon to check with Udaipur. However, Daddu is very chilled out and reasons that they must be busy and assures Bhairon that they will ask Anandi to call Dadisa when she calls them. Dadisa prays for Anandi & Shiv’s safety. Sumitra gets a nightmare about Anandi. She tells Bhairon about the dream where Anandi was all alone & nobody was helping her. Bhairon calms her down.

It’s morning now and Anandi is still sitting beside Krishna’s idol. She dials Shiv’s number, but phone is switched off. She then calls police inspector and asks him if any news. Inspector says, still no news. She asks him to inform her right away if they find any news. Anandi cannot wait any longer and decides to go and search on her own. Soon they encounter a Kashmiri lady who recognizes the person in the photograph that Anandi is carrying. However, her description is about this evil person which confuses Anandi. Nevertheless Anandi asks the lady to take him to the place where this shaitain is.

Shiv is almost unconscious and some goons are making him marry a girl forcefully, keeping gun on his head. Anandi enters at that moment & screams his name. Shiv looks at her, but can’t say anything as he is almost unconscious. She runs to him, but the goons block her. Anandi tries to explain that Shiv is her husband, but the bride’s father shows a photograph to Anandi where Shiv is in moustache. The father says that he is Vikram & he destroyed his daughter’s life. He acted as if he loves her and after he had enough of her, he ran away. We were searching for him and finally found him 2 days ago and started keeping an eye on him. Anandi tries to explain them that he is her husband. As she argues loudly, some people run in with guns. Girl’s father asks them to put the guns down.

Anandi tries to reason with the father to save Shiv’s life. Will Anandi succeed? Will Shiv get married to another girl? Watch this space to know what happens next.

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