Shiv blames Anandi #Balika Vadhu weekly update 30th sept to 5th oct
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Shiv blames Anandi for what happened with Sanchi and Jagya. Anandi tries to explain to Shiv that what Jagya did is right because Sanchi wouldnt have been happy in badi haveli. She also tells Shiv how SAnchi bribed the panditji to change the date of her engagement and wedding. Shiv is surprised and he starts questioning Anandi about Jagya and Sanchi. He also asks her opinion about who is good for Jagya. Anandi takes Ganga’s name. Shiv then tells Anandi that she knew everything from the beginning and she should have told it to him atleast, if not everyone. He gets angry and leaves from there. Anandi breaks down.

Jagya and Ganga go to badi haveli to apologize to everyone. Sumitra lashes out at Ganga and her intentions. She blames her for everything. Jagya tells Dadisa that if badi haveli is not ready to accept Ganga then even he will not stay here. Dadisa asks him to leave and tells him that there is no place for him in the hospital as well. Jagya leaves badi haveli with Ganga. Lal singh forces Jagya to stay with him in his house. Jagya and Ganga agree. Meanwhile Lal singh goes to the badi haveli and tells everyone that Jagya should be allowed to work in the hospital because he is a good doctor and the hospital needs him. Basant agrees and tell Dadisa that personal disputes should not interfere in professional work.

Bhairon is disurbed and wants to talk to Jagya. He calls up Jagya and asks him to meet. Jagya meets Bhairon and answers all his questions. Bhairon is upset at the way Jagya did all this but he is happy that finally Jagya is determined about his relationship. He gives his blessing to Jagya. Jagya informs him that he is going to get married to Ganga in the temple and ask him to be present there.

Bhairon tells Dadisa that pandit ji of the Mandir has called all of them for a ‘Maha aarti’ everyone agrees to go. They reach at the temple and they witness Jagya and Ganga’s arriage. Bhairon blesses both of them. 

Do you think Shiv is right in blaming Anandi? Will Dadisa accept Ganga as the bahu of badi haveli? keep watching Balika Vadhu as more drama unfolds soon.

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