Shilpa is a protective wife
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  • October 15, 2013
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Everybody is aware of how possessive Shilpa is about hubby Apurva inside the Bigg Boss house.  Previously, when Apurva decided to cut his hair for a task, Shilpa blew her lid and cried buckets. This time around, when the Jahannumwasis had to take over Jannat, Armaan defending his territory got into a tustle with Apurva  also unintentionally pushing him towards the pool.   A furious Shilpa couldn’t stand Armaan manhandling her husband and came running to stop  him.  She also yelled at Armaan for hurting Apurva against the rule of the task. She later calmed down but warned everybody to not dare  hurt her husband in anyway. Clearly, Shilpa has proved to be a complete pativrata patni who will go to any length to protect her hubby. 


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