Shehnaz breaks down in the confession room!

Shehnaz breaks down in the confession room!

Each day in the Bigg Boss house a new spin leaves us in utter surprise or shock! Yesterday, in the BB godown task, both the teams were asked to collect stock from the godown in the garden area making sure that they pick up the maximum things. On completing the pickup,  both the teams were asked to stamp the stock picked by them with their team's stamp. When the second truck horn buzzer rings,  both the teams have to load their stock in the truck and only one person is allowed to do so. From this point in time, the task led to an unfortunate series of events where both teams got aggressive and super competitive! Sidharth who is touted as one of the strongest contenders ended up hurting Mahira on tryin to pull the sack. Will this have severe consequences? What will be Bigg Boss's decision?

Tonight, Shehnaaz who was very close to Sidharth sees herself getting distant from him and that is bothering her a lot. On calling her to the confession room, Bigg Boss speaks to her about being upset and so aloof. What could be her reasons? Will Shehnaaz pour her heart out?



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