Shayra wants a divorce?
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  • August 12, 2019
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Tonight on Bahu Begum, we see that Suraiyya is trapped in Noor’s cupboard. That’s when she even learns about Noor’s condition to Shayra of giving her Azaan. In a scenario where this condition of hers isn’t fulfilled, she will commit suicide. What’s Suraiyya going to do next? Just when Khalid and Noor’s nikah is about to commence, Noor tells Shayra that she doesn’t want to marry Khalid. She even asks her to stop the nikah. Another revelation happens now which leaves everyone shocked!

Going forward, Shayra asks Azaan for a divorce! Noor walks in and confirms that Shayra isn’t lying about it. Around the same time, Razia walks in and informs Azaan that Shayra has already filed for divorce. Listening to all of this, Azaan is broken and doesn’t know what to do.


What happens next? Tune in to Bahu Begum from Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm.

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