Shaurya takes his revenge! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 9th-15th Oct
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While the Bharadwaj family was making the preparations for Navratri, Janhvi left to meet Shaurya at the temple on the pretext of work, and stopped him from slitting his wrist just in time. (Watch the scene here)

Janhvi tried explaining to Shaurya why she they couldn’t be married, after which Shaurya started ringing the bells of the temple in anger till Janhvi stopped him and confessed her love for him. (Watch the scene here)

Shaurya then filled Janhvi’s maang with his blood, and also completed the rest of the wedding rituals, ignoring Janhvi’s request of waiting for their families’ blessings. (Watch the scene here)

Back home, the Navratri celebrations were going on in full swing, but the family was getting worried about Janhvi. Achala created a scene during the puja, asking the priest to bless Aarav before Anjali, prompting Mataji to remind her that Anjali and Aarav were equally loved in the family.

Roli was shocked when she found out that Janhvi wasn’t in hospital and told Simar, but both of them decided not to tell Sujata. (Watch the scene here) After the wedding, Shaurya took Janhvi to a nearby hotel room which he had decorated with flowers and the two consummated their marriage. (Watch the romantic scene here)

Back at the hotel, Janhvi got the shock of her life when Shaurya pushed her away and refused to accept her as his wife. He taunted her about taking revenge for the slap and said that he was happy that she had paid for his humiliation. (Watch the scene here)

Shaurya left inspite of Janhvi’s pleas, and a devastated Janhvi returned home, where she snapped at Roli when she tried talking to her. (Watch the scene here)

Roli and Simar decided to talk to Janhvi as they thought that she was stressed about Shaurya. While Janhvi was crying in her room and calling Shaurya, he was hosting a party for his friends to celebrate his win over Janhvi. (Watch the scene here)

There was a scene in Bharadwaj house as Achala stole the milk kept for Anjali to feed Aarav and Anjali started crying. The whole family chided Achala, and no one was convinced when she said that Pari was unwell. (Watch the scene here)

Meghna confronted Shaurya over Janhvi, and when Shaurya asked her not to interfere, she warned him that she would no longer support him.

Janhvi went to the hospital but when her colleague teased her about Shaurya, she couldn’t bear it and rushed home. On the other hand, Roli tried to find Shaurya’s number in Janhvi’s room, but was shocked to discover a mangalsutra instead. (Watch the scene here)

Will Roli and Simar help Janhvi deal with Shaurya? Or will Shaurya get away with what he has done? 

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