Shaurya creates a storm in Janhvi’s life! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 2nd-8th October
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Simar caught Janhvi and Shaurya in her room when Janhvi’s prospective in laws came to visit. (Watch the scene here)

Shaurya refused to leave and when Janhvi came back after agreeing to marry the boy, she found a letter Shaurya wrote in blood, threatening to kill himself. (Watch the scene here)

Janhvi rushed out to look for Shaurya, and finally found him at his home, where Shaurya claimed that Janhvi rushed to him because she loved him, which Janhvi denied (Watch the scene here)

After promising Janhvi that he would ask for her hand formally, Shaurya called his sister home. Roli and Simar were worried when Janhvi told them about Shaurya, and asked her not to worry about him.

The next day, instead of conducting the roka ceremony, the boy’s family backed off saying Janhvi was in love with someone else, which caused uproar in the Bharadwaj family. (Watch the scene here

Roli went to Shaurya’s house to warn him, but couldn’t find him there as Shaurya and his sister Meghna had come to Bharadwaj house. When Shaurya was out of earshot, Meghna offered the Bharadwaj family 50 lakhs to get Shaurya rid of Janhvi. When the family expressed outrage, she slowly doubled the amount, but was sent away by the Bharadwaj family. 

On the other hand, Janhvi confessed to Shaurya that she liked him and Shaurya assured that the liking would soon turn to love. 

Roli and Simar were in trouble when the family realized that they knew about Shaurya as all the elders yelled at them for hiding the truth. Finally they were forgiven and the family decided to keep looking for a groom for Janhvi. (Watch the scene here)

Simar and Roli consoled Janhvi over the disastrous meeting, and Janhvi decided to ignore Shaurya in favour of her family. 

Shaurya called Janhvi and asked her to meet him at the temple at 8 o clock, and promised that he would set everything right. He also warned her that he would kill himself if she didn’t meet him. 

Will Shaurya and Janhvi have a happy ending? Or will their story create more problems for both families? 

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