Shashank’s Facebook woes
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  • September 12, 2012
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We have all heard about cases of fake profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many celebrities have impersonators who are interacting with their fans pretending to be them, and the latest to join this list is our very own Jagya, Shashank Vyas.

Recently a newspaper reported that Shashank is troubled by all these fake profiles on Facebook so we decided its time we had a chat with him. When asked what was the problem he was facing he said, “There are some 15-20 fake profiles out there on Facebook who are having regular chats with my fans. He/she is posting my pictures, my interviews and such. If it was a fan based profile it would be okay but the person is literally using my name and posing to be me, I am troubled by all this! My friends are calling and asking me because apparently this poser has sent out some nasty comments to my female fans and friends, its affecting my reputation.”

Aww! we truly sympathise with you Shashank. Fans do sometimes cross a line and there comes a point when an actor has to take a step. We asked if he has filed any complaint as of now he said, “I haven't filed any complaint and I am not really aware about the procedure. Also its very difficult to remove time, we shoot all day for Balika Vadhu. I just wish Facebook authorities will do something about this.”

We hope your problems get sorted soon and to all you Jagya fans please do not fall for such impersonators. Shashank told us that he does have a Facebook profile but has limited friends and if any of you have interacted with Shashank on Facebook and have received vulgar posts/comments please note it is not the real Shashank. He wishes for you guys to have patience and understand the situation and help him get rid of these posers. We are with you Shashank!

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