Shani: What will prevail on Earth, Dharma or Nyaya?
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Overcoming all obstacles, Shani reaches Surya Lok and apologizes for his delay. Dev Rishi Narad is glad that Shani has reached in the nick of time and saved himself from getting banished from the Dev Lok. He announces that the contest can now begin.


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First, he asks Shani to take a vow that if he fails to win the debate he agrees to be expelled to Earth forever. Shani takes the vow and also adds that he will rise above any emotions and participate without any bias towards any party. Shukracharya shows his complete faith in Shani and announces that he is confident that Shani will not cause any harm to the Asuras.


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Next, it is the turn of Surya Dev to take the oath. He gets ready for it, however, as fate would have it, Yama pushes his hand away and takes the vow in his own name, thus, getting chained, so that if he loses the debate then he will be pushed on to Earth forever. Everyone, including Shani and Surya Dev are stunned by this. Yama clarifies that he only performed his duty towards his father.


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The complications increase when Dev Rishi Narad points out that while Yama took the vow, Surya Dev had touched him, thus, giving his acceptance to Yama’s act. The only choice left is to invoke Lord Vishnu, who has created this entire competition and request for his intervention.


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Lord Vishnu appears before the ‘Sabha’ and clarifies that what’s done cannot be undone. Yama is the ‘would- be Dharma Raj’ and keeping that in mind, his actions definitely have deeper implications. So he cannot be freed of this vow however, because Surya Dev was the chosen representative, he could participate in the debate, but the result will have to be borne by Yama.


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The battle is now between two ‘Surya Putras’, Shani and Yama. Shani upholds ‘Nyaya’ while Yama supports ‘Dharma’. What will ultimately prevail on the Earth, Nyaya or Dharma?

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