Shani Warns Rahoo
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In the recent plot we saw how Surya dev refuses to rise, and this causes a lot of destruction and becomes a prime concern for all. Taking an advantage of the situation Rahoo tries to further malign things by killing people in the dev lok. He also kills the one who supports Indra.





Shani knows about all of this and gives ‘Shani Kawach’ to Indra and other deities from Dev lok. He says the kawach will protect them from Rahoo for some time.





Later he confronts Rahoo and warns him to stop everything that he is doing. Rahoo seems fearless and laughs it off, however Shani tells him that he would need to pay for his deeds and it wouldn’t be easy. Since he is the ‘Karm phal data’, he needs to do justice and ensure whatever wrong is happening; he puts all of them to a stop. Rahoo questions him why he came at that moment, to this Shani replies saying nobody gets the dues before and after the time, but at the right time and hence he is there to warn him. Shani tells how Rahoo has crossed all his limits, and so he is there to bring him back to his limits.


Will Rahoo ever listen to Shani? Will he still go against him and wreck things further? What will be the next action of Shani?


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