Shani: Warning against ‘Bhadra’ for being the reason for major destruction.
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This week on ‘Shani’ we will see how Indra dev would try attacking Bhadra after Mahadev declares the girl would only cause destruction, Bhadra through her powers would melt Indra’s vajra (weapon). Surya dev would immediately declare that she isn’t fit to stay in the Surya lok, and Shani would then come to defend his sister.




We will also see that Bhadra has some deformities which will make Chhaya feel sad thinking why such misfortunes only happen to her children. At one of the instances Rahu will also mention how Bhadra’s anger will be the key to Shani’s destruction, but on the other hand Shani would believe that love is the key to handle Bhadra. Chhaya and Shani by all means would try saving Bhadra from everyone who is against her. The trinity to be worried all this while.




During the naming ceremony there will be a heartfelt moment between Shani, Chhaya and Bhadra, where Shani would make each other feel their heart beats.  




But just when everything would seem all okay, and Chhaya would give honey to Bhadra everyone will notice her blue tongue, in the spur of the moment Bhadra’s horn would hit Chhaya and she would fall ill turning blue. Everyone would try reviving Chhaya.

What will happen after that? Any guesses?

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