Shani to get married to Dhamini?
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Recently on ‘Shani’ we saw how Dhamini and her father Chitrarath got humiliated by everyone in Suryalok. Surya dev told Chitrarath that how he could even think that Dhamini and Yam are fit for marriage! Later Indra even questioned Dhamini on her character. Surya dev gave a chance to Dhamini to prove herself clean.





More this week we will see how right at the moment Shani enters the scene and justifies Dhamini and Chitrarath. Shani not only defends them but glorifies Dhamini against Indra. Later, Indra and Mangal will be seen planning how they now need to plan something big against Shani.





Seemingly Chitrarath won’t get his lesson immediately hence he will once again insult Shani. Shani then will question him that why he wants Dhamini to get married to Yam and whether he knows if Dhamini is happy for this marriage. Shani will also ask Chitrarath if he would be happy by losing his own self-respect.





Later in the story we will see how Chitrarath refuses for Yam and Dhamini’s marriage. Everyone gets shocked at this decision of his all of a sudden. Yam will once again try insulting Chitrarath and Dhamini saying he himself never wanted to get married to Dhamini. Shani will once again take a stand for the father-daughter duo! He will vow to get Dhamini married in the very same Suryalok, where she was insulted, but to a person from a better kul. Everyone will get shocked including Dhamini!





Any guesses what’s going to happen next in the story? What has Shani in mind?


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