Shani to get deprived of his mother’s love?
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Shani’s life is all topsy turvy with Sangya’s return and Chhaya’s exit from Surya Lok. Will he be able to deal with this change?


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Chhaya and Sangya finally came face to face and Sangya forced Chhaya to leave Surya Lok without meeting Shani. Vishwakarma tried to reason it out with Sangya but in vain. A dejected Chhaya left Surya Lok and on the other hand, Shani returned victorious.


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Upon his return however, he meets a changed Sangya who is dry and cold towards him. So much so that she is not even happy that her son has returned from such a dangerous journey. Shani finds it all a little baffling but chooses to stay quiet. It is clearly evident from Sangya’s behavior that she favors her own children, Yam and Yami over Shani.


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What twist will Shani’s life take now? Will Sangya’s truth be revealed to him? Stay tuned to Shani to witness the drama unfold, every Mon- Fri, 9PM!

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