‘Shani’ says he won’t be related to anybody or anything in future ever
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  • February 9, 2017
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We all saw how Shani felt shattered after knowing the truth about his mother. Heartbroken and devastated, he warns everyone not to stop him or follow him ever. After being infuriated because of his mother’s loss and insult he decides to quit everything and leave everyone forever. He clearly states that he will destroy everyone who ever tries to come after him. This time Surya tries to stop him along with others but Shani says it’s too late. He walks out and doesn’t listen to anyone.





In a deep gloom Shani remembers his mother again and again and suddenly hears a voice from behind, he gets angry and cautions the person that he won’t leave the person who is trying to follow him even after being asked not to do so. Shortly, Shani realizes it’s Kaakol, who is following him. Kaakol feeling emotional shares how he doesn’t have anybody other than Shani and how can he leave him alone and go. Kaakol also pacifies his friend saying there is no wound one cannot heal.





We will soon see how Kaakol takes Shani to Kaag lok. There will be a major twist which will be totally unexpected.

What more will happen on Shani?

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