Shani: Sanghya gets exposed in front of Bhadra!
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Biggest enemy of Shani, Sanghya by all means tries to provoke Bhadra (Shani’s sister) to kill Shani telling him he has done lots of bad deeds. Shani and Bhadra get into a fight during which responsible brother, Shani tries to make Bhadra understand that a truemother would never want her children to do wrong or instigate them to do wrong.




Sanghya tries to use Bhadra for killing Shani. She plays a trick the moment she realizes that Chhaya is nearing the scene, she flees away with Bhadra fearing the latter would get to know that she isn’t her real mother.





Later again she tries to manipulate Bhadra saying how Shani is hurting his own mother and that she would only feel happy once he dies. All this while Shani’s words about a real mother echos in Bhadra’s mind.





She says she would agree whatever Sanghya says but thinks of testing her so called mother. She asks Sanghya about the promise she made to her when she entered for the first time in Suryalok, adding further she said that she made a promise to her mother that she would always protect her mother from all the negatives in the world. Sanghya a bit nervous nods saying yes! That’s when Bhadra catches her saying she is lying because at that point in time Bhadra didn’t even know how to speak rather her brother helped her to communicate even then.





Bhadra fumes in anger and moves towards Sanghya.


After the truth is finally revealed what will happen to Sanghya? Shani has promised his mother to forever take care of his sister however time and again Mahadev has warned him about the destruction that’s nearing because of Bhadra’s existence.


What decision will Shani take?



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