Shani and Dhamini’s wedding ceremony finally begins, Mahakaali comes to give blessings!
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This week on Shani we saw how Vishwakarma who reads Dhamini’s Kundali declares that she cannot marry yam. Indra says that Dhamini wants to get married to Shani. On the other hand Yami tries to explain Shani to understand Dhamini but Shani refuses saying he is virakt. Chitrarath gets worried to know that Dhamini and Yam cannot get married but Dhamini tries to calm him down. Just then Mahadev arrives and tells that Dhamini will get married to Shani.





Shani tells the wedding will happen with all rituals. On the other hand Chhaya calls off Dhamini and Yam’s marriage. Mahadev tells that if Yam doesn’t realize his mistakes then he will make him do so. In the darbaar Shani shows everything to everyone and Mahadev comes and makes Yam realize his mistakes.


Shani finally announces that he would get married to Dhamini. Shani also takes permission for this from Chitrarath and Chitrarath agrees.





Shani tells Dhamini that although he doesn’t love Dhamini but if they both respect each other the marriage could work. Dhamini agrees. Everyone including the trinity feels joyous. Vishwakarma looks for mahurat and declares when the wedding would happen. On the other hand Indra, Mangal and Yam plan to push the wedding date to a day after so that they could execute the plan against Shani.





Later we will see the haldi ceremony which finally begins, and Mahkaali appears and blesses Shani’s haldi.





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