Shakti: Tarana gets a job as a maid in Bangkok.
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On Shakti, at one place where Harman and Surbhi are worried about not being able to know Saumya’s whereabouts , Saumya aka Tarana has already reached Bangkok to begin her new life.

Tarana reaches a plush apartment of an extremely rich businessman named Avinash Wardhan. A noble man who although settled in Bangkok is connected to his roots in India. During a press meeting he mentions how he misses India and has deep love for the country; in fact he employs people only from India. Just then Tarana arrives and he introduces her with them saying even she being an Indian would work for him.





Later Tarana is seen putting Avinash’s child to sleep with lot of warmth and care, seeing this Avinash feels very happy and thanks the person who recommended her for the job.





Tarana is about to say about her real identity to Tina, Avinash’s wife but just then Avinash intervenes and changes the topic. Later Avinash tells her not to talk about her identity with anyone as he would tell the same when the right time comes. Tarana disagrees somehow and says that this would be as similar to what was happening to her in India i.e. keeping her true identity hidden. Avinash assures her everything would be clear at the right time.





Just after Avinash left, Tina walked inside the room and called Tarana a kinnar, this left the latter surprised!


Keep watching ‘Shakti’ to know what more happens in Saumya/Tarana’s life.

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