Shabana’s character is very different from me: Riva Bubber
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Beintehaa is picking up popularity, what do you have to say?
It feels great. Obviously, it’s a nice feeling that your show does well and you get appreciation from people around you. I have been receiving messages from everyone about the stark difference of my character and me in real life. As an actor, that is all you need.
You are playing a mother of a married daughter at a young age?

Yes. I am an actor and I always want to do work where I get to play a character which is different. In my real life, I am a totally different person. My character Shabana is always clad in Salwar Kurta and is a typical middle class Muslim wife. So, when people see me dressed in jeans and T-shirt, they point out and ask me if I’m the same person who plays Shabana. This gives me a lot of satisfaction that I’m able to pull off a character that is so diverse.
Who is your favorite co-actor from the show?
It would be very difficult if I have to choose one. It is a great team and we spend a lot of time together. It’s one place where we spend maximum time so the set becomes a home away from home. So I enjoy working with everyone.
What reviews are you getting for your character Shabana?
I receive a lot of messages on Twitter. People love my character. Usually I post my selfies and vacation pictures and now they are seeing me in Beintehaa as Shabana. It’s a contrast for them and they are appreciating my work.
Shabana seems to be a typical character, what preparations you had to do?
Yes, it is a typical character set in Bhopal. I had to work on my language. I had to learn to say few words like “hainge” instead of hain. And now it comes so naturally that when people say hain it sounds wrong to me.
Tell us about any memorable moment from the show?
Two scenes from the show are very close to my heart. First one is when Osman comes to Bhpal for the first time and nazar utaarna happens. It was such an intense shot. It was my first shot and I actually cried. It went really wel. Naved Aslam is a fabulous actor, he really encouraged me. With actors like him the performance goes to another level. Second one was Aaliya’s Rukhsati. When I rukhsat Aaliya and give her the Quraan and looked at Zain with eyes full of hope that he will keep Aaliya happy. Both of these shots really went well.

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