Shaan dances to his sons’ tunes!
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  • June 21, 2013
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This week, it’s ‘Family Special’ week in Jhalak, and in keeping with the challenge, all the contestants are striving to bring out the best of the family spirit in their performances. But Shaan has taken the theme far too seriously, and will be seen dancing on his sons’ tunes in his act!

Confused? Well Shaan, who has given some pretty unique performances in his time in Jhalak (remember the giant wheel and the Afro-jazz acts?), will go back to his childhood and do a fun performance this week. His performance will be on the song ‘ ‘Aal is Well’ from 3 Idiots. But to make the performance more authentic, he has gotten his sons Soham and Shubh to sing the song in their kiddie voices. We’re sure that this will help bring out his juvenile side and make it an even more fun performance!

Looks like this move went in his favour, as the judges’ have positive things to say about the singer-turned-dancer.

This is not the first time that Shaan has gotten some authenticity the songs that he performs to. During the ‘Jhalak on Wheels’ challenge, he danced on ‘Dil Kyu Ye Mera’, and the judges found something different in the song playing through the speakers. That is when Shaan revealed that though he was a fan of the original singer, he had sung the song in his own voice, to get the mood of the song better. With this, Shaan has joined the minority league of celebrities who have done playback singing for their own songs! 

Last time when he played around with the song in the act, it fetched Shaan a Perfect 30. And he’ll be hoping that this trick does its trick this time around too. One thing we can be sure of, that the proud papa must have given more than a 100% to his performance, because aakhir family ki izzat ka sawaal hai!

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