Seven years later…. on ‘Kasam’
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One thing that is constant is ‘change’. The intense story of Kasam will get even more intriguing as the show takes a leap of seven long years this week.


We will see how Tanuja misunderstands Rishi by seeing him with Nethra in the bedroom. She remains unaware of the fact that Mallaika and Nethra planned to create the rift between the two. In fact Tanuja gets so devastated that she leaves Rishi and the house forever. She doesn't stop even after Rishi's pleading.






Very soon Tanuja discovers about her pregnancy but with a heavy heart refuses to go back. The story gets really interesting after it takes seven years leap and we see Tanuja abroad along with her little daughter called Natasha. A businessman tycoon is seen along with Tanuja and Natasha. The trio seems to enjoy a great camaraderie.


Here in India after the leap we see Rishi fighting in the boxing ring, same is the interest of the NRI businessman who is with Tanuja abroad.  Rishi also takes care of a child called Tanya. Whose child is she?






Is there a connection between Rishi and the NRI businessman that we can expect?


Tanuja and Rishi’s love story that is eternal sees a distance between the two individuals; will they ever be able to re-unite after so many years?






How will the story unfold after seven years on Kasam? Excited about everything?


Then tune in to know Mon-Fri at 10:30 PM!

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