Set your alarms for two new shows at 9 pm today!
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For the last 3 months, your time from 9 pm-10 pm has been occupied by the antics of the Bigg Boss housemates. With Bigg Boss’ culmination with Urvashi being declared the winner, you must be wondering about what to do for that one hour every night. Worry not, as Colors brings to you two sparkling new shows in that time.

From 9-9.30pm, you can be a part of the Vaishnav family’s travails in Sanskaar- Dharohar Apnon Ki. This show is a tale of a small town boy Jaikishan, played by Jay Soni, who goes away from his loving family to fulfill his grandfather’s dream but is yet rooted to his country and holds his dharohar (heritage) as his most prized possession even on foreign shows. This show marks the comeback of Jay Soni to television after 9 months. Sanskaar- Dharohar Apnon Ki also boasts of a veteran cast that includes Aruna Irani, Rasik Dave, Sonali Sachdev and Supriya Shukla in key roles.

Sanskaar has one more actor that you will be very happy to have back. Avinash Mukherjee, the teeny bopper who shot to fame as Jagya in Balika Vadhu, will be seen playing Ankit, Jai’s cousin. His is a grey character which is in contrast to the ideal son that Jai is.

Sanskaar is also one of the few shows that have been shot outside the country. The makers had a long schedule in the US where they shot in some of the key locations, including Times Square!

With this wonderful blend of modernity and tradition, Sanskaar is bound to touch your hearts.

But after Sanskaar’s episode ends, don’t switch off your television sets. Because coming in at 9.30 pm is Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha-2! This much loved show is back to rule your hearts on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.

Mohan, Megha, Nanhi and Guru, all the characters that you have known and loved will be seen in Season-2. The show takes a leap of 12 years, and now features a grown up Nanhi, played by Jayashree Venkataramanan. But unfortunately, while growing up, her love for her favourite Spiderman has grown into hatred! To find out what caused the rift between this unique friendship, you’ll have to watch the show as it unfolds.

But if you’re worried about Megha and Mohan losing their earthy charm and simplicity that was their appeal, let us assure you that these characters will maintain the same appeal as before, with just a dash of maturity.

Says Akanksha Singh (Megha),”Megha and Mohan are still the same people that they were before, even if the story has a leap of 12 years. I have lived Megha’s life for the whole of last year so it won’t be difficult for me to get into her shoes again.”

So the stars of Sanskaar and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha are all set to bring a fresh dose of entertainment to you every night. Don’t miss the first episodes of both the shows, starting tonight!


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