Savitri Devi College & Hospital: The spark remaining in Veer and Sanchi’s relationship is a good sign or the two are meant to stay apart?
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This week we will see the entry of new batch of interns in Savitri Devi College & Hospital.


Accidently Veer and Sanchi get locked in the storeroom and after few moments chemicals fall on the ground. Veer saves Sanchi from the LPG which just few meters away from the fallen chemicals. One can sense that they both realize they still have some feelings remaining for each other. They are not ready to accept that they still love each other, in fact at one of the moments when Sanchi is introducing the new interns, she gets carried away talking about Veer. Veer melts down for a moment but the two once again get back on the same mode of rage.





Sanchi gives an important pen drive carrying her presentation to an intern and Veer fully plans to ruin her conference. He changes the pen drive which shows a different footage. Investors deny investing in the hospital because of Sanchi’s careless mistake. Veer feels happy to let Sanchi down this way. Sanchi goes ahead slapping Veer in anger. But the moment an investor speaks bad about Sanchi Veer is unable to take it.





Kabir takes Sanchi’s side and explains the investors that she is being portrayed wrong. Sanchi receives 50 crore cheque by the investors but gets to know Kabir convinced them. Being a girl of high self-respect Sanchi says she doesn’t want anybody’s help between her and the investors.






On the other side of the story Priya gets to know she is pregnant and has a dream that she has a baby girl and Vikrant throws the baby girl out of the window. Desperate to know the gender of the child Priya seeks Veer’s help in getting the sex detection test done. Veer tries to help her out but also fears that Sanchi shouldn’t get to know.


Priya tries to hide her pregnancy from Vikrant but gets to know the truth and rushes to meet Priya.


In a series of events Sanchi suspects that Veer is trying to do something illegal. Will he get caught? What will be the consequence after this? Vikrant suspects that Priya wants to abort the baby, what will he do then?



Watch everything this week.


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