Savitri Devi College & Hospital: Sanchi’s real identity to get exposed in front of Veer & Dr. Malhotra?
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Recently we saw how Veer doubts the identity of Sanchi. He up front asks her to tell the truth, he says the patient in coma got conscious and she said that she is the real Sanchi Aggarwal who is an intern in Savitri Devi College & Hospital. Veer gives Sanchi sometime to tell the truth however the next day Sanchi doesn’t turn up.





Jaya requests Sanchi to somehow hold the matter for 24 hours at least. She is mortgaging all her property and jewelry so that she can get 10 lakh rupees in return of the CD which will give justice to her late husband.





This week we will see how worried Jaya and Sanchi find out ways to hide the truth. But unfortunately a lie detection test on Sanchi reveals her truth and Veer gets to know that she lied about herself.





On the other hand Jaya will somehow manage to get the CD from Komal and she will be on her way to the hospital in order to expose Dr. Malhotra when suddenly she would meet with an accident!





Will all her efforts go in vain?  And will Anand Malhotra get to know Sanchi’s truth?


What will Veer do after such a huge revelation?


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