Savitri Devi College & Hospital: Sanchi and Veer do not get accepted as a couple.
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Recently on Savitri Devi College & Hospital, Sanchi and Veer get married after Kabir realizes during their (Kabir and Sanchi) pheras that Sanchi still holds feelings for Veer.  He maturely handles the situation and gives Sanchi’s hand to Veer.  



Veer and Sanchi then get married in front of Dr. Malhotra and Jaya, who are against this marriage.


Jaya and Dr. Malhotra get extremely angry to see this. Jaya even refuses to give them her blessings and breaks her ties with Sanchi.  Post this, Dr. Malhotra reaches his house before Veer and Sanchi could in order to instigate Savitri against Sanchi. He tells her that Sanchi got Gayatri arrested with some fake video.






The moment Veer and Sanchi reach the mansion, instead of welcoming the newlyweds Savitri slaps Sanchi. She tells Veer that he will have to choose either her or Sanchi. Veer makes a promise to his mother saying things will get better with time.



Later Veer and Sanchi have a discussion and they mutually decide not to give up under any circumstances.



They spend the first night sleeping on the benches outside the house.



What’s going to happen next?



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