Saumya to remarry?
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This week on Shakti, Harman and Saumya are missing each other a lot. Saaya tells Harman to pray for Saumya in the Araavan Devta mandir where all his prayers will be answered. Sameer’s mother thanks Saumya for being such an important part of the family. The next day, a guy tries to molest Saumya when Sameer comes and beats him up and expresses his concern towards her. Harman is at the temple praying for Saumya with a diya in his hand and Saumya at the same time gets a dream about Harman burning his hand. After the puja, Harman gets a call from Saumya, however, she doesn’t speak. Will Harman and Saumya speak?






Preeto with Jasleen traps Harak and they finally realize that faked Saumya’s death to distract Harman. Kishanlal follows Sameer as he overhears something about a woman working at Sameer’s shop, suspecting it could be Soumya. He even reaches Sameer’s shop and almost catches Soumya, but Sameer distracts him at the right moment. In the meantime, Sameer’s mother tells him to spend time with Saumya and convince her to remarry. Will he succeed in doing this?

Will Saumya get conviced? Stay tuned!

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