Saudamini’s plan on point?
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This week on Tantra, Saudamini meets all the Jalsa family members and introduces herself as a manufacturer and exporter of props and goods required for puja rituals. On seeing her in the house, Niyati and Akshat start doubting her. Just then, inspector Bharat comes there with Kanchan to show her the sketch of the suspected lady. Prithvi wants to go and meet him but is stopped by Sumati. Niyati goes to meet Bharat and gets excited when she sees the sketch. On calling the house members everyone is now aware of who this mysterious lady is!


Back in Jalsa, Prithvi announces Nisha and Nirvan’s wedding but after 2-3 years as Nirvan would need time to settle his business. Going forward, Saudamini tricks everyone and feeds them cake which has been affected by her black magic. Everyone but Niyati ends up eating the cake and gets affected by the black magic. Under the influence of this cake, Prithvi changes his decision immediately and announces that the marriage will take place in the next couple of days which leaves Niyati shocked. How will Niyati tackle this situation?






Going forward, Geeta discovers that the house is under some black magic when she sees lemon and sindoor in a corner. Will Geeta be able to tell this to the house members? With Mohan taking her away, we see Prithvi ordering the boys to find Geeta anyhow. Looking at all the hassle going on in Jalsa through her spy cameras, Saudamini looks content sitting in her bathtub. What happens next? Tune in to Tantra from Monday to Friday at 11 pm.

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