Sasural Simar Ka Spoiler : Yet another challenge awaits Simar!
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Few weeks back, we saw how the Bhardwaj family has been hunted by the ghosts of Chandramani. And by now we know that the only reason the evil spirit wants to get hold of chandramni is to establish their rule over everyone. During this process, Shatian gets hold of Roli and tries to use her as a bait to get the stone. Simar somehow manages to come up with a plan with the help of babaji to save her sister. Babaji tells Simar if only she could find the black paper and the wooden pen, he could help her. For get these Simar goes inside the house without anyone knowing about it, especially Shaitan covering herself with the stole Babaji had give her.

After a lot of struggle, she finaly suceeds in finding the needed paper and pen, but somehow Shaitan puts his hands on her and lays down a condition that if she wanted to save her sister she had to return the chandramani. But Simar is not ready to give up so easily, babaji and choti bahu help Simar to find shaitan's house as previously, Roli was kept there as hostage. When they finally find Roli, it doesn’t prove to be of any help as Roli was trapped in Shaitan’s mayajaal owing to which, she could not see anyone. Simar finally gives up and decide to give the stone and save her sister.

Later finds out that Simar and the family has fooled him again and they have not given him the full stone. He decides to get them back and soon the family notices Pari, Uma and Khushi are missing. What has Shaitan planned for Simar now? Will Simar be able to save her family this time? Will she be able to stop the havoc that has been hovering over the Bharadwaj house? To find out watch Sasural Simar Ka

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