Sasural Simar Ka Spoiler: Simar to rescue Roli from Shaitan’s clutches!
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With Shaitan entering the picture, Simar’s entire family is under constant threat. Shaitan who is hell bent on finding the chandramani is in no mood of excuses this time around. Everyone in the Bhardawaj family will be seen putting up a tough fight against the Shaitan but unfortunately because of Shaitan’s immense powers, all their efforts will go in vain. At the end, in order to put an end to Shaitan’s tyranny, Roli will be seen throwing the chandramani into the fire to permanently destroy it. Angered over Roli’s actions, Shaitan decides to take matters in his own hands and kidnaps Roli. While everyone is shocked on finding out about Roli’s kidnapping, Siddharth accuses Simar of the whole ploy. In order to get her sister back home safely, Simar thinks of several ways to get Roli out of the Shaitan’s clutches and it is then that she seeks the help of panditji. The panditji informs Simar about a special flower which is required to perform a special puja that will help them locate Roli. Not long after Panditji’s proclamation, Simar goes on a quest to find the special blue flower . While Simar’s hunt is on. Panditjis warns everyone in the Bhardawaj family from discussing the plans out in the open as the devil could be listening or watching over them and this could foil their plans. Will Simar foil Shaitan’s plans and help rescue Roli? To find out what happens next , do watch Sasural Simar Ka, Monday to Sunday at 7:30 PM

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