Sasural Simar Ka Spoiler : Simar to fight the Shaitan to save her family
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Good always wins over evil and the journey of Bhardwaj family is an exemplary example of this. The family has gone through a lot in the past whether it was the daayan, or the patali devi or even the venomous Naagin: they have always emerged triumphant because of their never say die attitude. A whole new drama will be seen unfolding on Sasural Simar Ka and this time there will be evil spirits taking over the house. The two sisters Simar and Roli will be seen fighting the ghostly apparitions with all their grit and might. In the last couple of weeks, ghosts seem to have been haunting the Bhardwaj family. Mataji and Sidharth’s strange behavior left the entire family confused and only later did they realize that the two were under Sugandha’s spell. Sidharth even went to the extent of strangling Roli but thanks to her dear sister Simar, Roli was saved just in time. Now, the two sisters are on a mission to get to the bottom of this and end all evil once and for all. After their visit to the village bears no fruit, they decide to confront Sugandha in order to get all their answers. Sugandha, on the other hand is in no mood to give in and is seen hatching other plans in her head. Sugandha is seen readying herself to take over the entire Bhardwaj clan by awakening the ‘shaitan’ Will Simar be able to save her family this time around? Will she be able to stop the havoc that Sugandha is planning to break on the Bharadwaj household? ? To find out who the Shaitan is, don’t forget to watch Sasural Simar Ka.

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