Sarabjeet burns down Desho’s dreams
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Recently we saw some high voltage drama in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma when Buaji and Simran forced Desho to spill the beans and accept her mistakes. While her confession tore the family apart the most hurt is her husband Sarabjeet who in the upcoming episodes will be seen giving volatile reactions to his wife’s misdeeds.

To express how ashamed he felt about Desho’s selfishness, Sarabjeet will be seen burning down the miniature plane which Desho had kept lovingly all these years. It was her dream to see her daughter Bani married to a NRI and the day she would settle abroad she would put this plane on the terrace proudly. Like the plane, even Desho’s relations with family could turn to ashes as in upcoming episodes it will be seen that the entire family will turn against her and curse her for ruining Rajji’s future 

It all started with Rano’s confusion over Sohum’s marriage to Bani instead of Rajji that made Buaji question the scenario. While she was explained the story all knew, of how Sohum saved the family’s respect by agreeing to marry Rajji, the truth showed its ugly face after all. Buaji soon sensed that something is amiss and when coerced Simran to tell the truth, she blurted it all out in one go and blamed Desho for cheating them. 

Next what came was one of the biggest confrontations in Bani and the one which made Desho accept responsibility over the miscommunication that occurred in the marriage. She argued that she did it all thinking about Bani but Sarabjeet didn’t buy a single word and Nirvel blamed her for taking revenge for his mistakes of 22 years ago.

While Sohum isn’t ready to accept Rajji as his wife, our sources tell us that Rajji is ready to accept matters and try from her side to be a wife to Sohum. Will the two overcome all differences and move on in life? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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