Sapna’s one move during the luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss house irks the housemates.
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Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week also adds on saying this task would affect next captaincy. As per the task, the garden area would be turned into a Dinosaur park wherein Puneesh, Luv and Vikas would be the three dinosaurs kept in a cage. The other housemates would play the workers of the park who would take care of these dinosaurs.





There would be pictures of all the workers placed outside the cage, all these workers would be the claimants for next captaincy. During this task the pictures of few claimants would be crushed by the dinosaurs which means only few claimants would remain.





At different intervals there would be a sound of dinosaur in the Bigg Boss house, which would lead one of the dinosaurs to come out of the cage and crush down and destroy the picture of one of the claimants, which would mean that the particular claimant is no more eligible for captaincy.





Very precisely every dinosaur has to remember that all three are against each other during this task.


Housemates would be seen speculating who would crush down whom; even the three dinosaurs have a discussion on this.





At one of the instances Luv comes out of the cage, now we need to wait and watch which contender gets crushed down under his feet.



Vikas later goes on to say the housemates that the three dinosaurs had a discussion amongst themselves and he was told to destroy Sapna’s picture so that it gets easier for Luv. Vikas further says he disagrees on this and wouldn’t do it. He also asks love to play the game with his own mind and not get swayed by what others have to say.





An upset Sapna kicks on her picture for which which Hina and Hiten yell at her. They say they have already suffered in the past because of their silly mistakes and didn’t get the luxury budget and this is happening yet again. Sapna says several things in her response. She says she made things easier for Luv.






What happens next in the story? Do watch tonight!

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