Sapna remembers her special friend
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  • December 19, 2012
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Everyone knows the wild side of Sapna Bahvnani – the owner of Mad O' Wat salon, but there are a few who know that inside this devil lives a girl whose heart goes all out to her friends. On the eve of her deceased friend – Shivraj's birthday, Sapna requested Bigg Boss to allow her some time in the confession room to come and express her gratitude for him and wish him peace wherever he is. Narrating his story, she expressed, how he was the most happiest soul anyone would have ever met, but deep inside he was depressed and rippled. Being his confidant, none other than Sapna knew what his state of mind was, and asking him to move on with life each time he was depressed, Sapna was always his support system. Before anyone could realize what exactly the problem was, Shivraj parted ways with the world and now Sapna counts him to be her guarding angel. Narrating a two line poem for him in the confession room, Sapna broke down and expressed how deeply she misses him and no matter how busy we are in lives, we need to make time for those who really mean the world to us. 

We hope, just like the audiences, her co-contestants in the house also see this soft side of Sapna and support her on this day.

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