Sapna or Hina, who will be the next Bigg Boss house captain?
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  • October 20, 2017
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Time has come for another round of task that would determine the next captain of Bigg Boss house.






In tonight’s episode Hina and Sapna will have a face-off, as in the duo will fight against each other to become the next captain in the house. But the twist is they both wouldn’t be actually doing the task but would choose one housemate each who supports them in becoming captain.



cap 3



Hina will have Hiten who would do the task and Sapna would choose Puneesh. Now the interesting part would be to know what the task is all about. To give a little hint, there would be two transparent containers placed outside in the garden area. Each supporter of the nominees would sit inside the container; all they would require to do is throw back the sand the opposition team is putting in their container in order to make their favorite win.


Seems like a fun task, however many things would unfold whilst the game is on!


Who will become the next captain? This will be only decided by Hiten and Puneesh.


Watch everything tonight!


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