Sapna & Mehjabi get into a heated argument with Arshi tonight on Bigg Boss 11.
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After one week has passed by in the Bigg Boss house, we have more clarity now about the nature of each housemate. Talking about Arshi, she is one of those housemates playing the game really well however hasn’t been able to have many supporters because of the way she speaks.





In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 we will see Sapna and Arshi getting into an argument after both get personal with each other. Arshi uses a term for Sapna which doesn’t go down well with the latter. Unable to bear this Sapna vows she wouldn’t let Arshi live peacefully in the house. Whole day Sapna chases Arshi wherever she goes, taunting her; and this works, Arshi literally gets irritated after a point.





Seems like a bad day for Arshi, at one more instance when Mehjabi, Arshi and few more housemates are in kitchen Mehjabi gets annoyed of Arshi stating she isn’t letting her cook. Arshi was trying to have some fun but Mehjabi asked her to wait until she cooked but the former was in no mood to listen. This led Mehjabi lose her temper and she warned Arshi to beware of her!





One more person against Arshi? Seems like the ex-padosis have started playing their game!





What will be the final result of this?


Watch tonight!


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