Sapna and Imam friends no more
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  • December 2, 2012
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When Imam came into the main Bigg Boss house post his interim stay in the Padosi house, Sapna and Delnaaz gave him the warmest welcome! Sapna expressed how happy she was to see Imam in the house and said that after seeing him, the Shaitaan in her has risen. Imam and Sapna bonded well for about two days post his entry.

Like they say, especially in the Bigg Boss house not too many people can be friends forever. Imam’s weird antics and dominating behavior with all the housemates started getting him much hate! Sapna was also one of the victims to his sarcastic and demeaning comments,  behavior that led her to turn tables as well. Imam had chosen to share his bed with Sapna. For the first day, Sapna did not seem to have a problem but after Imam’s changing colors, Sapna had decided to shoo him away. Sapna tells Imam to clear his stuff from her bed and move to the boys room immediately.On hearing this Imam loses his cool and asks her for an explanation. Sapna stays firm and tells him to take his stuff away rather sternly!

Imam asks Karishma if she’s okay with sharing her bed with him. Sapna and Karishma tell him to be a man and shift to the boys room. An agitated Imam requests Bigg Boss for his permission to stay in the girls room as he is sensitive to the air conditioner. After exchanging a few harsh words, Imam gives up and starts to pack his stuff. 

Well, Imam has already lost one of his best friends in the house. Will his attitude change or will he continue to play the game in his usual avatar?

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