Sangram learns his second English song
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  • October 7, 2013
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While Elli has been learning Hindi from Sangram, Sangram has been taking his ‘Guru dakshina’ from her. And the guru dakhsina is learning English songs. Elli has been teaching Sangram to sing English songs. The first song which he learnt from her was ‘Time of my life’ from a very popular dance film. Sangram even gave a live performance in front of Salman Khan in the weekend ka wow and he dedicated his performance to Salman. He passed that exam quite well and now he is up to his next task and that is to learn another English song. This time Sangram is learning the beautiful romantic song from the film Titanic ‘Every night in my dreams’. He keeps repeating the lines till he gets the pronunciation right and the whole house echoes ‘My heart will go on’.

Not sure if he is winning the game or not but he is definitely going to win millions of hearts and off course the heart of his sweetheart Payal by learning all these romantic songs  and singing it for her.

Is he having ‘Time of his life’?

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