Sanchi’s ways to get to Jagya: Balika Vadhu Weekly Update 17th June to 22nd June
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Sanchi’s pretense, Ganga’s misery, Anandi’s doubts, Sumitra’s dislike for Ganga, Jagya’s inclination towards Ganga, that’s how the week can be summed up at the Singh’s and Shekhar’s household in Balika Vadhu

The week ended on Anandi confiding in Shiv about Sanchi’s feelings for Jagya. Though Shiv did believe her but still he had a doubt about it as Sanchi being his sister would have told him if there was anything. At the same time, he also knows to take Anandi seriously as she would have thought about it before confiding in him. Anandi and Jagya also talks about Sanchi.

Staying at Jaitsar haveli with Sanchi, Anandi saw all that Sanchi did to impress Jagya and his family. Infact Sanchi even managed to impress Sumitra who was all praises for whatever she did. However, apart from impressing others Sanchi did not leave a single opportunity to look down upon Ganga in everything that she did. Sanchi makes sure that whole attention of the family is only on her and at every step she manages to insult Ganga.

Not just this, Sanchi takes one more step ahead by instigating Sumitra against Ganga. Sumitra who is already not so fond of Ganga is also against her now. Sumitra tells Dadisa also about her dislike towards Ganga and that Ganga is the reason why Jagya had to go through so much pain. Dadisa tries and explains to Sumitra that Ganga is not the type of girl but all in vain. Sumitra and Sanchi get closer as Sanchi spends lot of time with Sumitra talking and trying to impress her.

Ganga on the other hand realizes Sanchi’s feelings for Jagya. She wants them to be happy. Ganga feels that she is indebted to Jagya for what he has done for her and would do anything for him. Ganga also realizes that Ratan singh can be the person responsible for the attack on Jagya. She tells this to Bhairon and other members of the family. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Sanchi blames Ganga for this as well. Anandi and Jagya support Ganga on this. 

Ira with the other family members visit Jaitsar to meet Jagya and bring back Sanchi and Anandi. Ira apologises to Dadisa for her behavior the last time when Dadisa had visited Udaipur. Sanchi is not happy that she has to go back. She thinks of ways to stay back at Jaitsar but Ira decides not to let her here anymore.

Anandi tells Ira about the whole incident which happened with Sanchi. She also tells her about the short dress and how Sanchi lied to her. Ira apologizes to Anandi for being rude to her. Ira goes and confronts Sanchi about the dress and her lie. Sanchi again thinks that Anandi is trying to put her down by telling the truth to her mother.

So now what's next for Sanchi? What more she will do to get closer to Jagya? What will Shiv do now that he knows about Sanchi? What will be Anandi’s stand? More drama to unfold in the coming week. Keep watching Balika Vadhu.

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