Sanchi’s marriage proposal for Jagya: #Balika Vadhu 2nd July to 6th July
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Khazan gets to know about Sanchi and Jagya and he is shocked. Khazan talks it out to Anandi and asks her if he should interfere and talk to others about it and tell them that this wouldn’t be right . Sanchi over hears the conversation and she gets angry at Khazan. She talks to him very rudely and tells him to behave like a guest and not to interfere in their family matters. Anandi gets angry at Sanchi and tells her to behave and not talk rudely to Khazan.

 Sanchi buys a jacket as a gift for Jagya. Anandi tells her that Jagya wont like it as he doesn’t wear clothes like that. Sanchi again has an argument with Jagya.

Sanchi calls up Jagya and asks him if he is missing her. Jagya tells her that he is missing her care and that she is a nice girl. Hearing this Sanchi gets very happy and she is about to tell Jagya that she has told everyone about her love for him but she stops and doesn’t reveal it to him.

Anandi is tensed and she expresses it to Shiv. Shiv tells her not to worry as he knows that Jagya will say no to this proposal.

Ganga gets ready to surprise Jagya with her preparations for his birthday. They think of a plan to send Jagya out so that they can decorate the house for him. Dadisa is with Ganga in the whole plan. She asks Jagya to go for work. 

Ganga makes cake for him and decorates the whole haveli. Dadisa tells everyone not to wish Jagya the whole day so that he really gets surprised in the evening with the special party arranged for him

Sumitra meanwhile keeps giving cold shoulder to Ganga. She taunts and insults her whenever she gets an opportunity.

At kesar bagh, Alok asks Khazan about his opinion on sanchi’s proposal for Jagya. Khazan tells them  that he is no one to interfere in their family matters and that whatever the elder members decided would be fine. 

Jagya comes home to a beautifully arranged surprise party for him. All the preparations make Jagya very happy and emotional. The whole family wishes him and gives him gifts. Dadisa gives him back the locket which she had taken back from him long ago because of anger. She gives him aashirwad and the locket back and tells him that he deserves to have the ancestral locket. Jagya gets nostalgic and remembers his childhood when everyone use to give him lot of gifts. Jagya also praises Ganga for all the preparations which makes her very happy.

Sanchi and family reaches Jaitsar. They all wish Jagya. Daddu is about to tell everyone that they have come for some other reason as well but Ira stops him. Sanchi goes and hugs jagya and gives him the gift she bought and also asks him to wear it. Jagya thanks sanchi but tells her that the jacket is not his types and he will not be comfortable wearing a jacket like that. Sanchi remembers Anandi telling her the same thing while buying the jacket.

Ganga gives a dance performance. Jagya loves the performance and he gets mesmerized. Sanchi gets jealous. She  tells everyone and Jagya that there is a  bigger surprise for him. Everyone wonders what is that bigger surprise.

Sanchi and Ganga both get cake for Jagya. Sanchi has got the cake from the cake shop whereas  Ganga has made the cake herself. Everyone ask Jagya to cut the cake. Sanchi thinks that Jagya will cut the cake she got first but jagya cuts the cake made by Ganga. Sanchi gets jealous again. 

During the party Jagya gets a call from hospital as there is an emergency. Jagya has to leave the party mid way to go to the hospital. 

When Jagya is in the hospital he gets a call from police station. Police informs him that they have caught a suspect who might have attacked him. Jagya is stuck with his patient so he calls up Shiv and asks him to go to the police station and manage the situation. He tells Shiv as only he can handle it as he was an ex-collector.

Shiv informs Anandi and leaves for the police station.

Meanwhile Daddu proposes Sanchi and Jagya’s marriage. Dadisa and other family members are surprised. They tell daddu that they will have to wait and ask Jagya if he is ok with it.

Sanchi tells Ganga about her marriage with Jagya. Ganga starts crying.Ganga doesn’t understand why she is crying. Sanchi makes ufn of Gangaand her emotions.

It would be interesting to see what Jagya decides. Will he agree for marriage with Sanchi? Or he likes Ganga? Lets wait and watch the next episode of Balika Vadhu



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