Sanchi’s efforts to get Jagya’s attention #Balika Vadhu weekly update10th june -16th june
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This week at Balika Vadhu, the story revolved around the love triangle of Ganag, Sanchi & Jagya. Both of them were by Jagya’s side as he is coping up from the injuries he got.

When Jagya opened his eyes, Sanchi tried to get his attention but instead. Jagya ask for Ganga first and asks her if she is fine. Sanchi gets irritated. Dadisa also praises Ganga for being alert and using her first aid knowledge to aid Jagya and saving his life. Everyone appreciates Ganga and Sanchi gets jealous. Watch Ganga taking care of Jagya


Shiv gets angry at Sanchi that she came to jaitsar without informing anyone at home. Sanchi tells him that she can’t leave Jagya in this condition and that she would like to be with him. Shiv agrees but asks Anandi also to stay with Sanchi to take care of her. 


Shiv returns back home and doesn’t tell the truth about Sanchi to everyone as he feels they won’t like Sanchi’s irresponsible behavior.


Here at jaitsar haveli Sanchi doesn’t leave any opportunity to humiliate and insult Ganga. Sanchi also makes it a point to show Dadisa and other family members that how much she cares for Jagya. Anandi is watching all this and slowly she gets to know that how both Sanchi and Ganga are in love with Jagya and how Sanchi is scheming to put Ganga down in front of everyone.


At Udaipur haveli Ira comes back from her trip without intimation. All are surprised. Ira asks about Sanchi and Anandi and the family tells her whatever Shiv told them. And then Sunny’s( The man who tried molesting Sanchi) parents come and meet Ira, they tell what happened, begging for forgiveness on her part, for sunny and to withdraw the case against their child and Ira is very hurt, and shocked too, when she hears the attempt to rape case. The couple profusely apologizes for sunny, and says that her son would be spoilt forever and her future would go down the drain. Ira can’t believ what she just heard. she is about to swoon off, when meenu holds her and takes her inside. Ira confronts shiv


Here Anandi tells Sanchi that they should leave for Udaipur and that Jagya is fine now. Sanchi doesn’t agree to her. Meanwhile, Anandi gets a call from Ira and Ira tells her that she didn’t expect this from Anandi to go to jaitsar haveli and stay there. Ira is very upset with her. 


Doctor tells Anandi that Jagya is fine now. He tells her to take him home and that he is sure Ganga will take good care of him.


Jagya returns home. Sanchi surprises everyone by doing Jagya’s ‘Aarti’ in a traditional ‘lehenga’.


Where will Sanchi and Ganga’s love for Jagya lead to?  What will Anandi do now that she knows both Sanchi and Ganga’s feeling for Jagya? Watch this space to know what happens next week. 

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