Sanchi’s constant interference in Anandi’s life
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Talk of being intrusive in personal relationships and Sanchi personifies the term!

Yes, we agree that Shiv and Anandi’s relationship did go through a tough phase and even as the family members were quite reluctant about talking to the newly married couple, it was Sanchi who had taken up the responsibility to intervene in Shiv and Anandi’s personal equations quite more than once.

It all began with Sanchi’s disappointment with Anandi as a choice for Shiv. In fact, for the longest time, Sanchi believed that Anandi had tricked her Shiv bhaiyya into this relationship (Remember how she displayed her interpretation of the Shiv-Anandi love story during their sangeet). But once Anandi became a part of the family this disappointment turned into constant taunts, jealousy, insults and disapproval on several things that Anandi did and even the way she dressed up.

Not only this, but Sanchi never really liked Anandi’s work as the Sarpanch of Jaitsar and had complained more often than once about Anandi spending more time with the village’s problems than dedicating her time with the family.

Recently, we saw how Sanchi gossiped about Anandi neglecting Shiv to Ira and Chhoti Maa. Though, it was true that the couple had not consummated their marriage but Sanchi had been quite manipulative while sharing this personal matter with Ira. She made quite a hullabaloo about the fact that Anandi was still unaware about the accident mark on Shiv’s leg. Ira was also quite disturbed about the fact and the whole discussion snowballed into such a big issue that even Sumitra got involved into this. This left Shiv quite embarrassed.

Sanchi’s invasion into Anandi’s personal life did not end here. When she overheard Anandi consoling Jagya over the phone on Holi, Sanchi mistook their friendship for a special relationship and doubted Anandi for still having feelings for Jagya. She took this notion to another level. During the Holi celebrations, Sanchi got Anandi drunk and asked her about who she loved the most, that too in front of all the guests.

Well, we all know how much Anandi loves Shiv and thanks to Sanchi, that now the entire Udaipur also knows about Anandi’s love, respect and admiration for her Collector Sahab! 

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