Sanchi’s confession shocks everyone:Episodic Synopsis #Balika Vadhu 26th June 2013
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Sanchi’s confession about her love for Jagya comes as a shock for her family members. Ira gets very upset with Sanchi and is against Sanchi’s love for Jagya. Sanchi tells her family that if she has to marry she will only marry Jagya and no one else. Ira doesn’t like Jagya for her daughter as Jagya is already married twice. She tells Sanchi that she should forget Jagya.


All the family members think that Jagya is responsible for Sanchi’s this behavior and that he has instigated her. But later they come to know that its only Sanchi who feels this way and there is nothing from Jagya’s side. It is a one sided love which has become her obsession now.


The whole family is trying to convince Sanchi but Sanchi is stubborn and she only wants Jagya and no one else.


At Jaitsar, Sumitra gives cold shoulder to Ganga. Sumitra talks very rudely to Ganga and tells her that she is responsible for Jagya’s plight and whatever has happened with him. Ganga feels very bad and she goes and cry in her room. Jagya comes to Ganga and tells her about her divorce with Ratan Singh. Ganga tells Jagya not to interfere in her life and that she doesn’t want Jagya to be in any kind of trouble because of her.



What’s next for Sanchi? What will her family do after knowing her feelings for Jagya? Will they approve of her feelings? What will Ganga do? Let the drama unfold. Keep watching Balika Vadhu.

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