Sanchi’s attempts to impress #Balika Vadhu 17th July
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It’s Gehna’s godh bharai. Everyone is ready for the ceremony. Sanchi and Anandi are also at badi haveli with the family to attend the ceremony. Sanchi behaves as the host and starts interacting with the guests serving them juice and sweets. Sumitra gets impressed and tells Dadisa that Sanchi is such a responsible girl and she will keep Jagya happy. Sanchi meets Ganga and tells her that she should leave the haveli and leave Jagya’s life as well. Ganga is hurt and Sanchi keeps taunting her.

At kesar bagh all the men of the family miss the ladies as they are away for the godh bharai ceremony. Daddu expresses his concern over Sanchi and Jagya’s relationship, Shiv tells him that Sanchi will learn slowly and will be able to take care of the responsibilities

Meanwhile at Badi haveli jaitsar, Ratan Singh’s men enter the haveli in disguise.

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