Sana Sheikh hounded by hate mail!
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Viewers of Sasural Simar Ka will no doubt be pained with the current situation between Roli and Siddhant. While on the surface, all is well between the lovable couple, Siddhant is still weighed down with guilt because of what transpired between him and Naina. Add to that Naina’s constant interference in his life via calls, and he indeed has a problem on his hands. 

But he is not the only one who has to bear the brunt of this fracture in his relationship. Sana Sheikh, who plays Naina in Sasural Simar Ka, also has to go through a lot of trouble because of it. No, we’re not talking about on-screen trouble. Sana Sheikh has become the unwitting victim of fans who don’t like the fact that there is a third wheel in the Roli-Siddhant relationship. So they make their displeasure felt to Sana via social media via ummm…not-so-kind words.

Reveals Sana,” When I joined the show, I had no idea that the audience is so attached to this couple. After Siddhant and Naina’s rendezvous during the conference, I have gotten a lot of hate mail on Twitter, Facebook and e-mail about spoiling Roli-Siddhant’s relationship. People tweet to me asking me to back off from Siddhant. I have tried telling them that it’s just a character that I’m playing, but they have taken it a little too personally.”

Actors always say that they work for the appreciation of the audience, so does all this criticism put her off the character? Sana’s response is,” Earlier, I used to feel bad about the comments, but now I take them in my stride. I’m just doing my job, and if it is affecting people, I must be doing a good job.”

Well, that’s what we call a side effect of driving a wedge between a much loved couple, on-screen we mean. But it’s good to know that Sana is not much affected by all the hate coming her way. 

But still, her parting words are,” Guys, please understand that I have nothing against Roli and Siddhant. I like them as characters and have nothing personal against them. Please look at it and enjoy it as a show.”

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