Sana gets pranked!
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  • December 13, 2012
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Sana Khan has surely been one colorful character in the Bigg Boss house this season. She has often admitted that she is 'generally confused' in life and likes to pass of almost anything with a smile. The young actress had expressed in detail on how dumb she was back in school during Navjot Singh Sidhu's stay. Well the housemates often refer to her as the blonde of the house too. Sana has proved her 'blondeness' on more than one occasion, be it a task or any other incident. 

So, this time around Bigg Boss decided to share a laugh with the blondie as Sana was called into the confession room and told to enter the visitors room. Sana was obviously expecting a family member or a friend in the visitors room. Once she was all set to meet her loved one, the curtain from the glass panel dropped and Sana was petrified to see a huge man dressed like a ghost and banging on the glass panel. While Sana was terrified to see this man, another man dressed like a ghost appeared from behind and left her horrified and how! The ghosts kept teasing her and when they were leaving the room, Sana started asking the ghost on what she needs to do then. One thing is for sure; Sana’s blondeness was rightly assessed by Bigg Boss as his prank was definitely more than successful.

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